Pandemic ready


Three years ago, with H5N1 (Avian) Influenza threatening to develop into a pandemic, we realised industry and the general public needed to be educated to minimise the impacts of such a pandemic. We started research and development on a specific online pandemic training module with the aim of reducing public health impacts and business risk. Organisations such as News Limited, Schools and Energy Companies well aware of the risk posed to business continuity have since adopted the Pandemic Ready Training Module as a key component of their overall Pandemic planning strategy. Recently the Pandemic Training module has been updated to include information about H1N1 (Swine Flu) Influenza.

By having your staff go through this course your organisation will be able to:

The effectiveness of the online delivery method has now been proven, with our ability to update the module in 24 hours to deal with the current swine flu (H1N1) risk.

“Pandemic Ready is the ideal solution to help our Schools be prepared for a possible pandemic influenza.  The pandemic training module is informative and provides a reliable resource for all teachers and school staff.  It is accessible to all of our Schools with staff able to complete the pandemic training at their leisure and we have a record of course completion. I would highly recommend that every school implement the Pandemic Ready Training Course as part of their preparations.”
Mary Gow, OHS Consultant, NSW Catholic Schools

How prepared are your staff?

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