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June 15th 2009

NSW SES begin using Pandemic Ready eLearning Course

A customised version of the Pandemic ready Course has been made available for NSW SES staff. The course will enable all SES staff across 24 regions to implement a standard platform for their Pandemic Training.

June 10th 2009

New Version of Pandemic Ready is released

Due to the increasing demand we have updated the Pandemic Ready course with a new interface and additional links to relevant resources. The interface includes easy to follow chapters, resources and also instructional video on how to put on Personal Protective Equipment such as masks, gloves and also just as important how to dispose of them properly.

June 7th 2009

Over 1,300 NSW Teachers Access Pandemic Ready Training

In the last two weeks we have seen over 1,300 NSW Catholic School employees including teachers and staff access the Pandemic Ready eLearning course.

“Since the threat level of the pandemic has been increased we have been asking for all staff at all our schools complete the Pandemic eLearning training package. We were very fortunate to already have the course in place and the Pandemic Ready module provides a reliable resource for all teachers and school staff that is accessible at all times.”
Mary Gow, OHS Consultant, NSW Catholic Schools

May 2009

Pandemic Ready Module now updated to include information on H1N1 (Swine Flu)

In light of recent events Pandemic Ready has now updated their online training course to include information about Swine Flu (H1N1). Within 24 hours of this becoming a global threat the team had already updated the information from advice from a number of sources including our clients such as News Limited, NSW Catholic Schools and Energy Australia.

March 2008

Pandemic Ready has access to Video Content developed by Airplane Studios

Airplane studios has allowed Pandemic Ready to use content from their self funded documentary. The documentary titled “Influenza Pandemic, what you really need to know” was created to provide viewers with the information necessary to help minimise risk to themselves, their families and businesses from an influenza pandemic. The documentary explores in detail the global, national and domestic implications of a worldwide influenza pandemic. It also includes an extraordinary interview with a New Zealand survivor from the 1918 Spanish Influenza.

For more information please go to:

Jan 2008

News Limited implements “Pandemic Ready Course”

News Limited in Australia has adopted the Online Pandemic ready course as part of their pandemic planning process. The course will be made available to all divisions in News Limited and includes specific customised content.

August 2007

NSW Catholic Schools implement “Pandemic Ready” course

NSW Catholic Schools adopt the eLearning Pandemic Ready Course developed by Learning Innovations. The course includes a customised reporting functionality that allowed management to monitor course completions and also a customised course completion certificate for teachers. All staff and teachers at NSW Catholic Schools will have access to the module via a customised eLearning portal that is currently used to deliver OH&S Training.

July 2006

Learning Innovations attends Pandemic Conference in Canberra

Learning Innovations was present at the National Pandemic Conference in Canberra and was invited to attend for the purposes of researching information on building a series of eLearning pandemic awareness courses. The day was a success with over 110 delegates from all over the country attending and we received some very positive feedback on building pandemic based eLearning courses.