Pandemic ready

Online course

The online Pandemic Ready eLearning course is designed specifically to assist individuals and organisations prepare for a possible pandemic influenza outbreak. The eLearning module covers in detail the background and history of pandemics and provides sensible and practical advice on how you can protect yourself and others.

The course is designed not to alarm staff but to educate and alleviate concerns. Companies who adopt the Pandemic Ready eLearning course are seen as proactive and taking the threat and their staff's safety seriously.

Whilst the course prepares learners for all types of pandemic influenza outbreaks, it also specifically addresses H1N1, swine flu, as well as H1N5, avian influenza.

The course takes approximately 25 minutes and includes instructional videos, numerous downloads and practical exercises that you can take in the workplace today.

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Three periods of a pandemic

The course outlines pandemic phases and background information


The course is covers in detail the social behaviours you would need to adopt and includes practical exercises.